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Located in Roseburg Oregon, Physician eHealth Services, was founded in 2005 to build and deploy a cutting edge community wide health record network using a one chart model in which each of the county’s residents would have a single Electronic Health Record that is accessed, shared and updated by all participating area physicians and healthcare providers.
Strong relationships and a teamwork approach enables PeHS to work with local, state and federal agencies to achieve advanced communications and data sharing that benefits both providers and their patients with better continuity of care. Through local partnerships with Mercy Medical Center, community clinics and various diagnostic labs and x-ray facilities, health care providers benefit from improved utilization of health related resources and services, permitting an exceptional quality of care for their patients.
With a team of 14 highly trained technical staff, PeHS provides a full range of IT related services including telephony services, network, hardware, software and user support. By using “IT Best Practices” methods and solutions, PeHS empowers providers and clients to deliver more efficient and cost effective health care to the community.
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